Syndication ownership at Kruger Park Lodge

Whilst the idea of owning a home in a great location is attractive, the high costs and hassles that go with it negate the possible benefits, hence the growing popularity of Syndication (also called fractional ownership).

A Syndication investment at Kruger Park Lodge will meet your needs. It is a cost effective holiday ownership investment in a premier golf course estate. If you are looking to spend more quality time with your family in a relaxed and peaceful environment look no further. This is your second home away from home.

In a Kruger Park Lodge syndication unit the ownership is divided amongst 13 owners each owner having use of 4 weeks a year in a serviced maintained home in a luxury resort location.

The four-week module is extremely popular as it provides sufficient holiday time to be able to get away with your family on a regular basis. A One-week timeshare is not enough and 52 weeks a year is just too many.

As a syndication owner you need not worry about the high cost of mortgage bonds, homeowners insurance, home security whilst you are not occupying, and the arduous repairs and maintenance tasks that you face when you get to enjoy your second home. No mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and painting the house. All these tasks are attended to by the onsite management team on your behalf.

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Daily housekeeping services are also available on request should you wish to be pampered like a hotel guest.

A further major benefit of investing in a syndication unit is that owners are able to exchange their units via RCI into any one of their resorts situated in Southern Africa or internationally.


Buyers Information

What is a syndicate?

An investment in The Kruger Park Lodge Syndication module would give you ownership of four weeks per annum. The weeks are spread throughout the year and operate on a 13-year rotating calendar.

Options Available!

There are various design types available with different term options to suit investor's needs.

These include a 2 Bedroom Weavers; a 2 Bedroom plus Loft V5 Unit and a luxury 3 Bedroom Corporate Unit.


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